Workforce System Strategies (WSS) profile evidence-based and emerging practices from resources to help you make informed decisions about improving outcomes for job seekers and employers.

Our rich collection of resources is organized to provide workforce system professionals, and other audiences, with a body of research evidence that may lead to positive customer outcomes. Through our comprehensive database of research evaluation reports, policy and practice beliefs, and how-to guides, we offer accessible and relevant information that makes it easier for you to quickly identify potentially effective resources for program planning, implementation, or replication.

To help you find your topics of interest on WSS, you can start with the general search function on the top right of Workforce GPS OR go to the Workforce System Strategies Resource Library to filter searches by activities, programs, target populations, geographic locations, industry sectors, and the following methodology categories:

WSS Icon 1 SmallLevel 1: Impact Analyses are resources, that include experimental (randomized control trials, or RCTs) and non-experimental analyses that measure the impact or effectiveness of workforce system services and interventions.


WSS Icon 2 SmallLevel 2: Other Systematic Analyses are resources that are more qualitative in nature and scope, such as implementation studies, data analyses or labor market research that describe the characteristics of specific populations, cost-benefit analyses, financial management program practices, literature reviews, and performance outcome analyses.


WSS Icon 3 SmallLevel 3: Tools, Guides, and Supporting Resources provide important insights into effective strategies and practices from a technical assistance perspective and describe current workforce system initiatives, organizations and services. These resources may include program and system framework briefs, toolkits, guides, and many more.


To learn more about the terms used in WSS, please read the glossary.

A list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) clarify the goals of Workforce System Strategies, the methods we use to identify and describe resources, and the best ways to get the most of our site.

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, Workforce System Strategies was launched in 2011 as a technical assistance tool. The database of publications is updated regularly to provide relevant information to workforce system professionals and their partners.