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  • Teens
    Workforce System Strategies
    Posted On: 9/8/2015

    Under the new Opportunity Act, out of school youth are a priority population for targeted services.  While the impacts of this new priority on youth have yet to be evaluated, the following publications from the WSS profile collection provide policymakers and practitioners with examples of promising approaches, data trends, lessons learned and challenges from previously implemented programs and services.

  • Skyscrapers
    Workforce System Strategies
    Posted On: 8/25/2015

    In the changing workforce development landscape, sector strategies support employer-driven partnerships formed to collectively address industry needs.  States and regions adopt policies aimed at training and aligning workers with quality positions in a particular industry through which both employees and employers stand to benefit.  The following publications from the WSS profiles collection examine the different models for sector strategies.

  • Training
    Workforce System Strategies
    Posted On: 8/11/2015

    WIOA implementation at the state and local level can be informed by past effective workforce program practices.  The following publications are among a few in the WSS profiles collection that offer reflective insights on federally-sponsored training programs and effective practices.

  • Bullseye
    Workforce System Strategies
    Posted On: 7/28/2015

    As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the American Disabilities Act this month, it is important to recognize that youth with disabilities continue to face challenges bridging the gap between education and employment.  The following publications examine different programs and strategies aimed at assisting youth with disabilities’ transition into the workforce.

  • New Job
    Workforce System Strategies
    Posted On: 7/14/2015

    Aligning job seekers with employment opportunities is central to WIOA. These articles, among others in the WSS collection, discuss results from reemployment programs, as well as various strategies for individuals currently out of the workforce.

  • Homework
    Workforce System Strategies
    Posted On: 6/30/2015

    Student success in the post-recession workforce landscape is filled with challenges for youth without high school diplomas or additional occupational training. In recognition of this situation, WIOA legislation has focused on out-of-school youth as a priority population to employment programs.The following publications are a few within the WSS collection that focus on minimizing employment and earnings-related barriers through programs aimed at helping students and out-of-school youth succeed.

  • Disabled Worker
    Workforce System Strategies
    Posted On: 6/16/2015

    Improving access for workers with disabilities to both high-quality jobs and workforce services is a key component of WIOA. Additionally, ETA recently released $15 million in Disability Employment Initiative grants focused on increasing positive employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities. The following publications are part of the WSS collection that discuss employment strategies and outcomes for this population.

  • Woman Searching
    Workforce System Strategies
    Posted On: 6/2/2015

    Entrepreneurship has been and continues to be a critical component of the American workforce. Below are a few articles in the WSS collection that highlight different aspects of small businesses and entrepreneurship, including job quality, training, and support tools.

  • Books
    Workforce System Strategies
    Posted On: 5/19/2015

    Community colleges are a vital component of a career pathway system, helping individuals easily enter post-secondary training, supporting working learners with ramping up their skills, and providing opportunities for career advancement and credential attainment.  In recognition of this important role, community colleges are a critical workforce system partner under WIOA.  Here are some of the WSS publications that discuss strategies and benefits of community colleges.

  • Arrows
    Workforce System Strategies
    Posted On: 5/5/2015

    Several ETA grants aim to assist justice-involved adults and juveniles.  These publications are examples from WSS’ collection that look at employment strategies for formally incarcerated individuals entering or re-entering the workforce.