A Bureau of Justice Statistics study found that 7 out of 10 prisoners released in 2005 were rearrested within three years of release. Ex-offenders face various employment and life challenges post-release, which may be exacerbated by limited job skills. These resources spotlight early lessons in implementing the Linking to Employment Activities Pre-Release (LEAP) grants, which aimed to strengthen partnerships between the jail and workforce system to promote successful reentry of this population.

Bridging Workforce Development and Corrections Cultures Issue Brief—Early Lessons from LEAP. 2016. This brief describes how workforce development and jail staff members collaborated across their distinct organizational cultures in the early implementation of jail-based American Job Centers (AJCs) funded through LEAP grants. The brief is divided into two short sections. The first section, “Context for Partnership and Collaboration,” describes workforce and jail staff’s “perceptions of the quality of their relationships” and suggests “factors that may have contributed to [those] perspective[s].” The second section, “Bridging Jail and Workforce Cultures,” summarizes several organizational factors that affect the way in which workforce and jail staff interact.”

Structuring Employment-Based Services Within Jail Spaces and Schedules Issue Brief—Early Lessons from LEAP. 2016. This brief discusses the strategies that workforce development agencies used to overcome space and scheduling challenges associated with implementation of jail-based AJCs under the LEAP grants. It also describes “… how LEAP workforce development staff worked with jail administrators to gain access to jail space and their strategies for scheduling services inside the jail-based AJC. It relies on data gathered through site visits to eight LEAP sites during the planning period for LEAP, as well as tours of all 20 jail-based AJCs being implemented by grantees.”  

Staffing Jail-Based American Job Centers Issue Brief—Early Lessons from LEAP. 2016. This brief shares strategies to address staffing and partner engagement challenges for jail-based AJCs under the LEAP grants. Specifically, it “… explores their approach to staffing jail-based AJCs, including the varying staffing configurations, key staff qualifications, hiring and onboarding processes, and strategies to expedite hiring based on lessons learned.”