To increase the ability of community colleges to address today’s workforce needs, the TAACCCT program awarded nearly $2 billion dollars to more than 700 community colleges. The TAACCCT grants focus on strengthening these colleges by building industry-aligned training programs in manufacturing, health care, transportation, IT, and energy. The WSS resources in this announcement look at the impacts of three TAACCCT grants awarded to community colleges in CT, SD, and DE

Evaluation of the Connecticut Health and Life Sciences Career Initiative Final Report. 2016. This report evaluates the impact of the Connecticut Health and Life Sciences Career Initiative, a statewide initiative funded from 2012 to 2016 through a TAACCCT grant that focused on preparing veterans and underemployed, unemployed, or dislocated workers for careers in new or revised certificate and associate programs for the health and life science fields. The evaluation “…used a mixed methods research design to assess the implementation and effectiveness of the initiative. The evaluation had three primary components: a descriptive component tracking actual performance relative to goals outlined in the original grant proposal, a qualitative implementation evaluation, and a quantitative impact evaluation.”

 Mitchell Technical Institute's Technical Education at a Distance (TED) Program Final Evaluation Report. 2016. This final evaluation report presents findings from an evaluation of Mitchell Technical Institute's Technical Education at a Distance (TED) Program, a TAACCCT grant that includes a speech-language pathology degree program and a geospatial technologies certification program targeted at Trade Adjustment Assistance-eligible and low-skilled workers. The evaluation employed “a variety of methods…to collect and analyze primarily qualitative data sources to assess the implementation of the program. Evaluators interviewed and surveyed a variety of stakeholders in the program including students, faculty, mentors, TED staff, and project partners.”

Delaware Technical Community College TAACCCT Round 2 Grant Evaluation Final Report. 2016. This report presents findings from the evaluation of a new nursing program at Delaware’s Technical Community College, which aimed to strengthen and unify the curriculum and courses across campuses, and offer a more hands-on approach to learning through a concept-based approach. The evaluation team “…deployed qualitative and quantitative data collection methods to assess program implementation and outcomes…” including document reviews, in-depth interviews, and student questionnaires.