National Apprenticeship Week is a nationwide celebration that gives businesses, communities, and educators the opportunity to showcase their apprenticeship programs and apprentices while providing valuable information to career seekers.

These resources, curated in the Workforce System Strategies community provide insights relating to informing American Job Center service providers about program and policy related research that may enhance their use of apprenticeships in working with employers, educational institutions, community-based organizations and jobseekers.

Apprenticeships and Community Colleges: Do They Have a Future Together? (2019)
This report explores how community colleges could play a more active role in growing the number of apprenticeships nationwide, a role that would contribute to resolving the current mismatch between what postsecondary institutions produce and what employers need. It begins with a brief summary of the past and current state of apprenticeships and the role apprenticeships play in other countries. It then addresses the challenges faced by community colleges interested in sponsoring apprenticeship programs and what reforms might help community colleges overcome the internal and external obstacles in their way to expansion. It concludes with the role private apprenticeship service providers may play as competitors to community colleges interested in apprenticeship programs.

Youth Apprenticeship in America Today: Connecting High School Students to Apprenticeship (2017)
This report explores opportunities and challenges for growing high-quality youth apprenticeship in the U.S. The authors focused on addressing the following questions: What makes youth apprenticeship an attractive option for improving outcomes for students? Are Americans open to connecting more high school students to apprenticeship? What do we know about the current landscape of youth apprenticeship programs? What can we learn from past efforts to expand youth apprenticeship?  What efforts are underway today to expand youth apprenticeship?

The State of Apprenticeship among Workforce Boards (2017)
This briefing paper details the key lessons learned from workforce board respondents of a national survey. Nearly two-thirds of workforce board respondents are currently engaged in active apprenticeship programs. By and large, those not currently involved with apprenticeship programs are interested in becoming involved in the future (92%), and several already have apprenticeship plans underway. Current apprenticeship work spans numerous industries, with Workforce Development Boards serving in many roles and incorporating the work into their American Job Center activities. Moreover, four out of five respondents have incorporated apprenticeship into their local, regional, or state Workforce Development Board plans.