What are the latest insights emerging from evidence-based research related to strategic planning? These WSS resources provide a wealth of information derived from evidence-based research and evaluation experts, assessments, and practices that can enhance strategic planning efforts at the state and local workforce agency levels.

Transforming U.S. Workforce Development Policies for the 21st Century
This resource provides a collection of thirty articles on wide-ranging workforce development program modernization strategies from nearly 70 workforce development experts, based on evidence-based research and promising practices from experts in the field.

Evidence-Building Capacity in State Workforce Agencies: Insights from a National Scan and Two State Site Visits
This resource presents findings from a 2016 national scan of research and evaluation capacity in state workforce agencies and site visits to two states with significant capacity (Ohio and Washington); and identifies strategies to boost research and evaluation capabilities.

Building Capacity for Research and Evaluation among Workforce Practitioners
This resource identifies three research and evaluation resources that provide cases for using evidenced-based practices, advancing evidence-based decision-making, and applying two research methodologies–opportunistic experiments and qualitative methods—in human services programs and workforce collaboratives.