Discusses when and how the Business Value Approach (BVA) framework can be helpful in designing and assessing a workforce service or program.
"Using a Business Value approach, workforce service providers can develop stronger relationships with an employer, learning more about a company’s operating environment and workforce challenges. As a result, providers are better positioned to identify and meet the employer’s business needs as well as the needs of the employer’s workers. This paper discusses why and how workforce programs should identify and measure the business value of the workforce services they provide to their employer customers" (p.1). (Abstractor: Author)

Major Findings & Recommendations

• "Business Value Assessment activities can be a tool for a service provider’s staff development" (p.6). • "Business Value Assessment planning should be incorporated into discussions with employers about their workforce challenges and opportunities" (p.6). • "The issues of scale of service and strength of existing business relationship are key factors to consider in identifying an opportunity for a Business Value Assessment" (p.7). • "When possible, a Business Value Assessment should be planned concurrent with service design" (p.7). • "The timing of a service must be considered in planning an assessment" (p.7). • "Employers may be constrained from providing data that would answer an outcomes question due to company confidentiality policies" (p.8). • "A workforce program’s employer contact may not have access to the data needed to assess the expected outcomes of a workforce service" (p.8). • "To answer relevant questions about outcomes, new data may need to be collected via questionnaires" (p.8). (Abstractor: Author)