Identifies the key challenges faced by Latino youth, describes the role of the Latino Coalition as an intermediary organization, documents the services offered by the program, and examines outcomes of the program participants.
"In June 2007, the Department of Labor contracted with the Paul Henry Institute for the Study of Christianity and Politics at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan to conduct an evaluation of the Reclamando Nuestro Futuro (Reclaiming our Future or RNF) program run by the Latino Coalition for Faith and Community Initiatives of Bakersfield, California. In June 2004, the Latino Coalition had been awarded a three-year, $10 million grant by the Department of Labor to fund its RNF program, which was designed to assist at-risk and adjudicated Latino youths to obtain needed education or training, to find employment, and to avoid involvement with the juvenile justice system. The Henry Institute’s study was to examine the Latino Coalition’s performance measurements, strategy, and findings. This is the final report of this study" (p.3). (Abstractor: Author)