Examined the idea that a combination of mentoring, employment-related services and case management could smooth the transition for ex-prisoners—and in the process cut the rate at which they return to prison. To evaluate whether this approach holds promise, the evaluator developed the three-year Ready4Work demonstration program. Sites in 11 cities initiated Ready4Work.
This final research report on Ready4Work offers an overall assessment of the Ready4Work demonstration. It provides a detailed portrait of the Ready4Work participants, documents the extent of services provided to participants, examines program retention, and presents key outcomes related to employment and recidivism. (Abstractor: Website Staff)

Major Findings & Recommendations

"Ready4Work participants have been successful in both finding employment and remaining employed. Over 55 percent held a job for at least one month while they remained in the program. Moreover, about a third of the participants—and more than 60 percent of those who have ever been employed—remained employed for at least three consecutive months during the program. What’s more, over half of the participants who were employed three consecutive months managed to remain employed for six consecutive months—an impressive accomplishment given the many barriers they faced." (p.26). (Abstractor: Author)