The Industry-Occupation Mix of U.S. Job Openings and Hires

Author(s): Hobijn, Bart

Organizational Author(s): Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco; VU University Amsterdam; and Tinbergen Institute

Funding Source: Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Resource Availability: Publicly available

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Constructs estimates of annual time series of job openings and hires in the U.S. by industry and occupation covering 2005 through 2011.


"I introduce a method that combines data from the U.S. Current Population Survey, Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, and state-level Job Vacancy Surveys to construct annual estimates of the number of job openings in the U.S. in the Spring by industry and occupation. I present these estimates for 2005-2011." (p.1). (Abstractor: Author)

Major Findings & Recommendations

"The results reveal that: (i) During the Great Recession job openings for all occupations declined. (ii) Job openings rates and vacancy yields vary a lot across occupations. (iii) Changes in the occupation mix of job openings and hires account for the bulk of the decline in measured aggregate match efficiency since 2007. (iv) The majority of job openings in all industries and occupations are filled with persons who previously did not work in the same industry or occupation." (p.1). (Abstractor: Author)

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