Attitudes Towards Employment and Employment Outcomes Among Homeless Veterans with Substance Abuse...

Author(s): Mares, Alvin S.; Rosenheck, Robert A.

Organizational Author(s): NEPEC, VA Connecticut Healthcare System; Dept of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, Yale University

Funding Source: Funding source not identified

Resource Availability: Publicly available

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Examines the relationship between attitudes towards employment and employment outcomes among homeless veterans with psychiatric and substance abuse problems.


"Attitudes towards employment among over 300 homeless veterans participating in a study of vocational outcomes were characterized using factor analysis. Mixed linear regression was then used to examine the association between each of five employment attitudes and number of days employment throughout the two-year follow-up period, net of potentially confounding baseline characteristics" (Abstract). (Abstractor: Author)

Full publication title: Attitudes Towards Employment and Employment Outcomes Among Homeless Veterans with Substance Abuse and/or Psychiatric Problems

Major Findings & Recommendations

"Attitudes towards employment are significantly associated with employment outcomes, albeit of small magnitude. Further examination of factors associated with employment outcomes, as well as other therapeutic outcomes, may eventually assist vocational rehabilitation specialists and program managers in matching subgroups of mental health consumers with various approaches to vocational treatment, but at present these data support the policy of offering vocational assistance to all who express an interest in it" (p.43). (Abstractor: Author)

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Target Populations: Veterans/Spouses

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