Presents evaluation findings of Illinois’ SG pilot sites which explore adult bridge programs offering preparatory courses intended to help students transition to postsecondary education, job-related specific training, and employment.

"The following paper reviews the framework, core elements, challenges and best practices related to Bridge Programs in Illinois. Bridge programs assist students in obtaining the necessary academic, employability, and technical skills through three required components—contextualized instruction, career development, and support services. Elements include:

  • Contextualized instruction that integrates basic reading, math, and language skills and industry/occupation knowledge.
  • Career development that includes career exploration, career planning within a career area, and understanding the world of work.
  • Transition services that provide students with the information and assistance they need to successfully navigate the process of moving from adult education or remedial coursework to credit or occupational programs. Services may include academic advising, tutoring, study skills, coaching, and referrals to individual support services, e.g., transportation and child care" (p.2). (Abstractor: Author and Website Staff)