Discusses how transportation is a prominent factor in the job search process and presents an overview of survey findings as they relate to public transit availability, usage, importance, and satisfaction.

"Transportation remains a significant issue for persons with disabilities seeking employment throughout the nation. To determine specific transportation issues encountered by New Jersey persons with disabilities in the job search process, [researchers] developed and conducted a study that surveyed this population" (p.1). "The first goal [of the survey] was to document the transportation modes used by respondents and to better understand their thoughts on transportation’s role in the job search process. The second goal was to identify the specific issues and/or obstacles respondents experienced or were concerned with related to taking public transportation to/from employment" (p.2). (Abstractor: Author)

Full Publication Title: Persons with Disabilities Seeking Employment and Public Transportation: Findings of a New Jersey Survey

Major Findings & Recommendations

"Moving Forward Environmental Obstacles to Using Transit. Almost half of respondents expressed dissatisfaction in this regard. It is important to involve municipalities in the discussion because they are often responsible for their communities’ street infrastructure — not the local or state transit agency. Environmental barriers to/from transit stations/stops are also important to address because the survey found that many respondents walk as a mode of transportation. Service Barriers to Using Public Transit. Survey results showed some evidence that different disability types reported using different travel modes and having divergent feelings about their willingness to consider using transit to commute and perceived usefulness of using transit in the job search process. More research is needed to explore these issues further — research that does not focus on persons with disabilities as a homogenous group. This approach will help to identify unique and common obstacles among disability types. Information Barriers to Using Public Transit. Better marketing of transit services and features that could help persons with disabilities seeking work, such as the reduced fare program, need to be advocated and pursued. Travel training programs present a valuable way to impart the necessary skills and information to persons with disabilities to become safe, independent, and confident public transit users. These programs need to be promoted and made available to larger segments of the population with disabilities seeking employment" (p.7). (Abstractor: Author)