An in-depth look at 6 case studies of sectoral employment development programs and their interaction within their economic and industry environments through Project QUEST, a workforce development program in San Antonio, Texas.
"This case study provides a detailed account of Project QUEST, a workforce development program in San Antonio, Texas. Project QUEST (Quality Employment Through Skills Training) was begun in 1992 to provide unemployed and working poor residence with a new type of employment training and job placement service. The program provides tuition subsidies and support services to low-income San Antonio residents while they are enrolled in AA and certificate programs at a local community college. The degrees that QUEST supports are occupation-specific to high demand labor market that offer family-supporting wages" (p. 2). (Abstractor: Author and Website Staff)

Major Findings & Recommendations

Lessons Learned from Project QUEST: Political Support: The combination of strong advocacy from the local business community and from two powerful community-based organizations was vital for the program to maintain support from the city government. (p. 75) Flexible Funding: The majority of QUEST funds come from the local government. Local support and funding has given QUEST the stability, flexibility and freedom to design programing to local needs. (p. 75) Leadership Transitions: High quality staff recruitment coupled with the development of a strong information management system, has allowed for the program to be undisrupted by shifts in leadership. (p. 76) Customized Services: The services and programs are able to be tailored to individual need, due to flexible funding. (p. 77) Achieving Systemic Change: QUEST has sought to measure itself, not just on placement rates, but it impact on the way specific industries operate in relation to disadvantaged individuals. (p. 78) Utilizing Sector Principles: Sectoral strategies are highly effective when used to inform regional approaches to workforce development" (p. 80). (Abstractor: Author and Website Staff)