Researchers examine how program structure may affect student success in the specific context of community college career-technical programs.
The aim of the research reported in this paper is "to understand how community and technical college career-technical programs in Washington State are organized and how that organization may affect students. [Researchers] address the following research questions: 1) How closely are programs aligned with further educational and employment opportunities, and to what extent does this alignment vary across programs in practice? 2) How prescribed are program requirements, and how much variation in program prescription is there across programs in practice? 3) What is the quality of information available to current and prospective students, both through the college website and other means, and how does this vary across programs in practice? 4) What types of advising and student supports are offered to current and prospective students? 5) Is there any relationship between the degree of structure along these dimensions and program performance, defined by completion rates of long-term certificates and associate degrees" (p. 3). (Abstractor: Author and Website Staff)