Online toolkit that offers resources related to college readiness for low-income and minority youth.
Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is a college readiness program designed to increase schoolwide performance by raising expectations and providing supports that allow students to meet these elevated expectations. In this toolkit, you’ll find a summary memo and relevant research resources that explore the real impact of AVID on student’s high school graduation rates and preparation for post secondary education. (Abstractor: Author)

Major Findings & Recommendations

The toolkit contains three main resources, each with findings. 1) Effective Dropout Prevention and College Attendance Programs for Latino Students. Research that identifies six effective, replicable programs that have reduced dropout rates and increased college attendance and student performance. Key characteristics of successful programs include: • Personalization • Small group intervention and/or mentoring • Providing students with concrete examples of attainable success • Targeted academic assistance • Rewarding academic effort with status and recognition (p. 36) (Abstractor: Website Staff) 2) The Link between High School Reform and College Access and Success for Low-Income and Minority Youth. This paper examines the predictors of college-going behavior and how they have been addressed within the high school reform movement. Across all of the reform initiatives, four practices most commonly received credit for success: • Access to a rigorous academic common core curriculum • Personalized learning environments • A balance of academic and social support • Alignment of curriculum between high school and postsecondary, and between levels within the K-12 system. (p. 36) (Abstractor: Website Staff) 3) The Magnificent Eight: AVID Best Practices Study. Examines how eight schools implemented the AVID program model and describes the schoolwide impacts. Key factors in a successful AVID program: • AVID Student selection focuses on students in the middle (2.0-3.5 GPA’s as one indicator) with academic potential • The school must be committed to full implementation of the AVID program • AVID students must be enrolled in a rigorous course of study that will enable them to meet requirements for university enrollment. • AVID program implementation and student progress are monitored through the AVID Data System • An active interdisciplinary site team collaborates on issues of student access to and success in rigorous college preparatory classes. (p. 4-8) (Abstractor: Website Staff)