Online toolkit that offers hospitals new strategies for hiring and retaining front-line staff and implementing effective staffing models.
This Implementation Toolkit is designed to support hospitals in becoming great employers. It is designed to help executives who anticipate facing specific workforce challenges to: Quickly identify the type of Pioneer Employer Hospital program that could help (Chapter 1 – Implementation Guide); Understand how other organizations have approached similar programs (Chapter 2 – Menu of Key Program Elements); Learn how to work effectively with post-secondary education institutions (Chapter 3 – Roadmap for Collaborating with Education Partners); Answer questions peers may have about the program (Chapter 4 - Frequently Asked Questions); and Delve more deeply into models and theories surrounding this work (Chapter 5 – Recommended Reading). The toolkit is based on case studies of 11 hospitals selected for their diversity and the quality of their programs to develop the careers of their frontline workers. It includes an in-depth description of key lessons learned from the sponsoring Pioneer Hospital Initiative. (Abstractor: Author and Website Staff)

Major Findings & Recommendations

Major findings across initiative sites included: 1) Increased engagement and reduced turnover 2) Increased strategic use of professional development funds resulting in more specific and traceable outcomes 3) Improved recruitment and increased competitiveness in hiring talent 4) Improved quality and efficiency 5) Increased patient satisfaction (Abstractor: Author and Website Staff)