Provides project leaders with step-by-step guidance to achieve sustainable outcomes.
"When planning to build a digital resource, project leaders tend to spend a great deal of time thinking about the execution of the project itself, and considerably less time thinking about what will happen once the resource is built and operational. This framework can help project leaders and those who support them to better define the activities, costs and revenues that will be needed to achieve the sustainable outcomes they desire" (p.1). (Abstractor: Author)

Major Findings & Recommendations

“Here are the [recommended] steps to follow when using this framework: • “DEFINE the desirable post-grant impact of your resource. • “SET GOALS for each type of outcomes it will be necessary to sustain in order to make this desired impact possible for the long term. • “IDENTIFY the ACTIVITIES these goals will require. • “DETERMINE the COSTS these activities will incur. Think about this picture across the full range of activities needed to sustain your resource in the manner you have defined. • “BUILD a REVENUE PLAN that shows where the needed resources will come from post-grant. Some may be covered by a host institution; some may be contributed by partners or volunteers; but there are likely to be some costs that will still need to be covered each year" (p.1). (Abstractor: Author)