Step-by-step toolkit to help case managers assist job seekers with career exploration and planning.
The following resource was designed to help case managers guide job-seekers through the career exploration and planning process. The guide include three ideas about how case managers can organize career exploration and planning, templates that can help case managers determine which electronic tools are most helpful to meet which customers’ needs, roadmaps that show how case managers provide career exploration in three distinct scenarios, and a resource chart that highlights additional resources for case managers who want to learn more. (Abstractor: Website Staff)

Major Findings & Recommendations

“A Skills Gap Road Map for Case Managers” (p.2): Organizational ideas to help [case managers] better manage work, time, and caseload. “Templates that highlight U.S. Department of Labor electronic career exploration tools.” (p.2) - Skills Profiler, which “produces a self-identified list of skills that job seekers currently have and then matches those skills to a variety of job options.” (p.18) - Interest Profiler, which “is a self-assessment tool where job seekers discover the type of work activities and occupations that they would like and find exciting.” (p. 19) - Work Importance Profiler, which “is a downloadable tool that helps job seekers focus on what is important in a job and then identify occupations they may find satisfying based on their preferred work values.” (p.20) - Employability Checkup, which “provides job seekers with a snapshot of career prospects related to specific education, wage and location parameters.” (p.21) ”Career transition roadmaps showing how services are delivered to assist three different dislocated workers navigate these tools in their career exploration process.” (p.2) “Chart with recommended e-learning resources for you to grow your skills and better use these valuable resources.” (p.2) (Abstractor: Author and Website Staff)