Highlights practices and resources to give policy makers, funders, practitioners, and aspiring innovators a new framework to think about leadership.
A quickly changing landscape of challenges requires new ways of thinking and leading. As a response to these challenges, an emerging framework for workforce leaders is described: WEadership.  

WEadership is an expression of the collaborative qualities of leadership and includes six specific practices: 1) Adopt a wide-angle point of view; 2) Build diverse networks; 3) Embrace openness; 4) Encourage experimentation; 5) Add unique value; and 6) Cultivate next generation leaders. Each practice is described and resources, special inserts, exhibits, and templates are provided. (Abstractor: Author and Website Staff).

Major Findings & Recommendations

"The WEadership Framework (opposite) offers leaders six specific practices to consider as they invest in their own capacity and that of other leaders in their organizations and communities: 1. ADOPT A WIDE-ANGLE POINT OF VIEW - Leaders look for new ways to apply their resources and expertise. They focus on community problems, not just workforce problems. 2. BUILD DIVERSE NETWORKS - Leaders collaborate with partners creatively, using informal networks alongside traditional boards or policy councils. 3. EMBRACE OPENNESS - Leaders share the role of leadership with staff, partners, and the public. They use social technologies to listen, inform, and collaborate. 4. ENCOURAGE EXPERIMENTATION - Leaders know workforce development needs new ideas, and new ideas need testing. 5. ADD UNIQUE VALUE – Leaders find ways their unique contributions can make a real difference in their communities. Only those who add value remain relevant. 6. CULTIVATE NEXT GENERATION LEADERS - Leaders build skills and share knowledge in order to develop new leaders in their field and in their communities." (p 9-10) (Abstractor: Author)