For centuries, apprenticeship training has produced some of the world’s greatest skilled craftsworkers and artisans. Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci were both products of apprenticeships! Provides guidance on establishing effective YouthBuild Apprenticeship programs and partnerships.


Today, apprenticeship’s uniquely effective approach to skills attainment continues to be an important pathway for young people into well-paying, high-demand jobs. YouthBuild practitioners or anyone interested in apprenticeship can use this brief guide to understand:

  • DOL’s National Registered Apprenticeship System;
  • how to establish and manage relationships with registered apprenticeship programs; and
  • how to strengthen the links between local YouthBuild programs and DOL’s Office of Apprenticeship state and regional offices as well as State Apprenticeship Agencies.

Major Findings & Recommendations

- "Advanced Placement: An apprenticeship program sponsor may accept a YouthBuild graduate and give him/her credit for time in YouthBuild, if the sponsor believes that needed competencies and prior experience justify such an advanced placement" (p.6). - "Direct Entry: Another potential benefit of a strong formal partnership may be establishing a “direct entry” agreement between a YouthBuild program and a registered apprenticeship program" (p.6). - "Partnerships: Setting up an employer advisory essential for any program seeking to link young people to jobs in growth sectors. Also, aligning curriculum and training with the needs of local unions, employers, and other workforce stakeholders will improve the prospects for all YouthBuild graduates, regardless of their placement" (p.6). - "Credentials: Apprenticeship partnerships can strengthen the training and credentialing at YouthBuild programs as well” (p.6). - "Benefits to Businesses: YouthBuild-apprenticeship partnerships can create feeder programs that offer access to a large pool of youth prepared to enter apprenticeships…YouthBuild also plays an essential role as a pre-employment training program providing substantial soft skills training, counseling, peer support, leadership development, and life skills training in addition to technical skills training and secondary education credentials" (p.7). CHALLENGES TO YOUTHBUILD APPRENTICESHIP PARTNERSHIPS INCLUDE: - "During weak economic times, there may be little demand for apprentices as journeyworkers themselves look for work" (p.7). - "It can be difficult to put in place direct entry or advanced placement agreements with registered apprenticeship programs. Some experienced and persistent YouthBuild programs have...been able to establish advanced placement or direct entry agreements for graduates by using a rigorous curriculum, building a history of placing highly qualified graduates with high retention, and by maintaining strong relationships with employers and labor organizations" (p.7). (Abstractor: Author and Website Staff)