Report provides policy recommendations to ensure access to safe and affordable housing for farmworkers.
"While there are a number of reports in the literature of adverse health outcomes or potentially hazardous environmental exposures associated with farm labor housing condtions, only a very few suggest a direct link between health status and sub-standard or overcrowded conditions."(Abstractor: Author). The paper provides policy recommendations that address the importance of enforcing health standards and providing adequate housing for farm laborers (Abstractor: Website Staff).

Major Findings & Recommendations

• “There is a pressing need for substantial research on the status of farm labor housing in California, both the extent of the supply and its physical condition. • “….Special attention is needed to determine the prevalence of health hazards associated with housing conditions. • “…The public health workforce of California needs to be strengthened, especially to address the needs of the farm worker population.” (p. 27). (Abstractor: Author). • It is important to strengthen “enforcement of health standards for farm labor housing in California. • “Create state-mandated shortcuts for the approval of housing intended to serve farmworkers in counties where there is a demonstrable and substantial unmet demand for safe and affordable housing. • “…Create positive incentives for enhancing the supply of farm labor housing by granting indirect housing-related preferences to communities undertaking new initiatives to meet farm labor housing needs.” (p.27). (Abstractor:Author and Website Content Staff).