Reports on lessons from Department of Labor green jobs grantees’ efforts to disseminate labor market information (LMI) created during the 18-month grant period.
“Over the years, the U.S. Department of Labor has made large investments in developing labor market information (LMI) to shed light on economic conditions and ensure a well-functioning labor market. This information includes the number of people employed, unemployment rates, average wages, income, occupational projections, and other data. LMI can affect workers’ education and training decisions; employers’ investment decisions; and economic development strategies of local, state, and federal agencies. Recent interest in the green jobs sector spurred [the Department] to fund 30 grants to state workforce agencies to improve LMI on these jobs and develop practices for possible broader use and impact. This brief reports on lessons from the grantees’ efforts to disseminate LMI created during the 18-month grant period” (p.1). (Abstractor: Author)

Major Findings & Recommendations

The authors identified the following steps: Identify the audience • “LMI is potentially of interest to various groups of end users, including job seekers; educational institutions; community-based organizations that offer training and support services; and labor, economic development, and industry organizations” (p.1). • “Consider accessibility. It’s important to ensure that the level of detail is appropriate and the findings are relevant for the target audience” (p.1). • “Identify methods to reach targeted audiences….Your intended audience will drive the method for getting the product or information out” (p.1). Plan early • “Develop a realistic timeline. Successful dissemination takes time and may require more than a year of planning, particularly if the process involves coordination with partners” (p.2). • “Include production and dissemination in the budget. Many grant budgets include data collection and analysis, but production and dissemination sometimes are overlooked” (p.2). Leverage partnerships • “Seek partners’ input on products. Partners may bring important perspective on accessibility of LMI products and planned dissemination strategies” (p.2). • “Use partners to reach stakeholders. Partners may have access to different stakeholders and mailing lists than LMI shops do. Partners may be able to disseminate information at their stakeholder conferences or trainings” (p.2). Measure effectiveness • “Data on the use and reach of LMI are important for measuring effectiveness. Developing tracking methods for dissemination activities also helps improve these efforts over time” (p.2). (Abstractor: Author and Website Staff)