Summarizes recent research to identify current gaps in employment and training research and to make recommendations for future research processes and priorities that could better inform policymakers, practitioners, job seekers, and employers.
Drawing from workforce and related research projects funded by several federal agencies, workforce agencies, and foundations, the report identifies high-priority research topic areas to examine over the next five years. (Abstractor: Website Staff)

Major Findings & Recommendations

• “There should be greater transparency in [the Employment and Training Administration’s (ETA)] research funding, contracting, and publication processes to avoid even the appearance of political influence and to build back the trust it lost in the research and policy community in large parts of the previous decade” (p.5). • “Given the considerable role that other federal agencies and philanthropic organizations play in supporting research related to labor markets and workforce strategies, and given expected future constraints on research funding, ETA should increase its collaboration with other research initiatives while inviting greater collaboration from these same organizations in its own efforts” (p.5). • “Congress and the federal government should establish…a Workforce Development Institute, similar to the Institute for Education Sciences at the U.S. Department of Education. This institute will set priorities, administer funding and evaluation initiatives, and disseminate results” (p.5). (Abstractor: Author)