Provides a comprehensive picture of the different Community-Based Job Training Grant-funded initiatives, innovations developed, and implementation successes and challenges.
“The Community-Based Job Training Grant program was intended to help community and technical colleges to design and implement sustainable training programs that effectively provide workers with the skills that industry needs (p. 1)…This evaluation documented the different models and projects operating with grant funds, examined and assessed the implementation of grant-funded initiatives, and identified innovative features and potentially promising strategies” (p. 4). (Abstractor: Author)

Major Findings & Recommendations

• “Partnerships with industry help colleges be proactive in ensuring that training programs teach in-demand skills” (p.xii). • “Facilitation of institution-to-institution learning is critical. Grant recipients shared strategies for managing their grants with their peers, including techniques for handling the challenges of grant participant tracking, designs for curriculum and career path development in particular industries, and models for laboratory design and equipment purchasing” (p.xii). • “Industry-focused job training initiatives in colleges may need a longer start-up period due in part to a misalignment between grant start dates and college calendars and the length of college procurement and curriculum approval processes” (p.xii). • “Providing supports for low-income, low-skill participants is important to improving program success” (p.xiii). (Abstractor: Author)