Highlights 25 innovative green training projects for nearly 2000 dislocated and incumbent workers, Native American populations and youth in career pathways that support an economically and ecologically sustainable future for the state of Minnesota.
“The Minnesota State Energy Sector Partnership (MSESP) was a statewide initiative with a mission to forge an integrated and demand-driven system of education, training, and support services in energy efficiency and renewable energy industries that anticipated and advanced skill attainment and sustainable career pathways for Minnesota’s workforce" (p. inside cover). The partnership funded 25 projects which trained 1,782 individuals in solar energy, wind power, biofuels, energy efficiency, and conservation...In each community, business leaders partnered with educational institutions, foundations, nonprofit agencies, and workforce development professionals to lead MSESP grants. The resulting projects, [which are profiled in this publication], touched students, incumbent and displaced workers, and community members by meeting critical labor market demands" (p. 1). (Abstractor: Author)