Highlights the demand for skills in the global economy and the ways in which educators can meet this demand by drawing on both career and technical education.

“College and career readiness is the new direction for K–12 education. Preparing students to transition without remediation to postsecondary education or to careers that pay a living wage, or both, is the ultimate aim of federal and state education policies, initiatives and funding.... The focus for student readiness, however, is primarily on academic knowledge—and not yet on the academic skills or the employability and technical knowledge and skills that are equally valued in a creative, innovative society” (p.6). The Association for Career and Technical Education, the National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium and the Partnership for 21st Century Skills focused on the need to inform the nation’s efforts to improve college and career readiness. (Abstractor: Author and Website Staff)

Full publication title: Up to the Challenge: The Role of Career and Technical Education and 21st Century Skills in College and Career Readiness