Examines an example of on-the-job training and its role in overall workforce development.

“On-the-job training is integrated into the nation’s workforce development system through both private entities and public agencies funded by the federal Workforce Investment Act....This approach can be especially helpful to unemployed individuals, by getting them back to work quickly and enabling them to earn a salary while they receive the training they need" (p.3).

"Investment in industry-driven on-the-job training (OJT) can be an effective workforce development strategy in this economy. Employers participating in on-the-job training benefit from financial incentives when they bring on employees to teach trainees the skills they need to succeed in specific positions at the firm… This brief explored one promising OJT model: the Boeing Manufacturing On-the-Job Training Project… The Boeing OJT project demonstrated that a well-designed OJT initiative can be valuable for both workers and employers. The project provided insight into the best uses of on-the-job training within the workforce development system, as well as recommendations for which design elements are most likely to help programs succeed. Results showed that the OJT model is well suited for creating career advancement opportunities for entry-level employees, as well as for helping workforce development partnerships build relationships with employers” (p.v). (Abstractor: Author)

Major Findings & Recommendations

Recommendations: • Focus on how to increase career opportunities for low-skilled, low-income workers. • Reduce bureaucratic processes and reporting requirements to encourage greater participation from manufacturing employers. • Ensure that planning and execution leads to programs focused on the quality and depth of training. • Incorporate industry-recognized credentials into OJT programs while allowing employers flexibility in designing their own training. • Expand traditional OJT model beyond new hires to include incumbent entry-level workers. • Support employer training strategies and professional development for supervisors. (Abstractor: Website Staff)