Describes the results of a series of diversity roundtables that focus on the role that the business community can play to address issues facing people with disabilities into the workplace.
"In keeping with [Deloitte's] commitment to diversity...,[the company] held a series of Dialogue on diversity roundtables to discuss the role that the business community can play to address issues facing people with disabilities in the work environment" (p.1). "During the Dialogues on diversity, participants discussed the business case for diversity, the challenges and the barriers faced by people with disabilities entering the workforce as well as by the organizations trying to hire them. Finding practical solutions to move forward was critical for these conversations to be meaningful" (p.11). (Abstractor: Author)

Major Findings & Recommendations

The Dialogues on diversity resulted in the following recommendations for the business community: • "Build your business case. Ensure that senior leadership, as well as middle management and recruiters, understand the business case for diversity – and understand why it is a priority for your organization" (p.11). • "Change the dialogue. Help people at all levels feel open to express their concerns when it comes to dealing with people with disabilities in the work environment" (p.11) • "Build awareness about people with disabilities in your workplace. As employees begin to understand the business case and learn that people with disabilities can make a positive contribution to business at all levels, attitudes will change" (p.11). • "Be accommodating...Be willing to speak with disabled people about their needs and understand the level of accommodations, if any, required to help them succeed in the workplace" (p.11). "Other suggestions from roundtable participants included: • Review and rework the recruitment process and embed the need for hiring people with disabilities into all strategic and planned hiring. Partner with community organizations and disability support groups at colleges and universities to find the right network connections. • Accommodate potential hires by considering job carving – allowing a person with a disability the opportunity to do the portion of the job they are capable of and reassigning what they cannot do" (p.12). • "Connect with community organizations that assist people with disabilities in their job search" (p.12). • "Develop a business leadership network where organizations can share best practices and work to bring more people with disabilities into the workforce" (p.12). • "Create progressive career development plans for people with disabilities within the workplace as well as highlighting their successes to build awareness" (p.12). (Abstractor: Author & Website Staff)