Reviews current literature regarding the Affordable Care Act and its accompanying Health Profession Opportunity Grant (HPOG) and examines whether low-skilled workers can be trained for the potential high demand of entry-level healthcare jobs.

“The HPOG [Health Profession Occupation Grant] program awarded five-year grants to 32 grantees to expand available resources to economically disadvantaged groups to enter the healthcare workforce” (p.4-5). “This paper reviews the literature on the policy context of the HPOG program and the challenges and opportunities related to developing healthcare occupational training and support programs. It discusses the structure of the healthcare industry and trends in healthcare employment, implications of ACA for entry-level employment in healthcare, and resulting challenges and opportunities for training programs” (p.i). Focusing mainly on entry-level healthcare and related social services occupations that the majority of HPOG grantees target, the paper “summarizes important contextual information regarding the ACA and on health occupations and jobs; discusses the complexity of healthcare occupations credentialing requirements; provides insight into the structure of current and future employment opportunities; and summarizes key challenges and opportunities regarding developing and retaining a sufficient and high-quality healthcare workforce” (p.3). (Abstractor: Author and Website Staff)

Full publication title: Literature Review: Healthcare Occupational Training and Support Programs under the ACA—Background and Implications for Evaluating HPOG