Presents evidence about effective job training programs for both adults and youth which informed the development of an action plan designed to make the federal workforce system more demand-driven.
Four federal agencies undertook a summary of “the evidence on [effective] adult and youth job training strategies and programs” (p.1) in response to a directive from President Obama to “lead a Government-wide review of federal programs in the workforce and training system to ensure these programs are designed to equip the nation’s workers with skills matching the needs of employers looking to hire” (p.3). The resource presents “a synthesis of evidence on adult and youth job training strategies, training-related supports, and other important strategies, such as employer/industry engagement and cross-agency/system collaboration” (p.3). The “effective or promising job training strategies and programs in this synthesis were identified through literature reviews, structured evidence reviews of evaluations conducted for Federal Clearinghouses, and research summaries” (p.3). The report is organized into three sections: the first synthesizes what worked for adults, the second highlights what worked for youth, and the third summarizes “the main findings based on evidence to date, highlights gaps in evidence, and suggests direction for future research” (p.3) The resource was used to develop an action plan to make the workforce system “more job driven, integrated, and effective” (p.1). (Abstractor: Author and Website Staff)