Profiles five distinct apprenticeship programs in the U.S. across multiple sectors and identifies common features that facilitate their implementation and subsequent success.

“This report examines a suite of innovative apprenticeship models from around the country. It provides detailed case studies of Vermont Healthcare and Information Technology Education Center, or Vermont HITEC; the Michigan Advanced Technologies Training program, or MAT2; the SEIU Healthcare NW Training Partnership; the National Institute for Metalworking Skills, or NIMS, Certified Registered Apprenticeship program; and Apprenticeship Carolina. From effective marketing and business engagement to financial incentives and thorough skills assessments, these models exemplify a number of compelling strategies to expand apprenticeships into new occupations and sectors and to increase overall apprenticeship enrollment” (p.2). Each case study provides an overview of the apprenticeship program, identifies the sponsoring employers, describes the relevant occupations and sectors, explains the intermediary organization, and lists the public funding sources and amount received. (Abstractor: Author and Website Staff)

Full publication title: Innovations in Apprenticeship: 5 Case Studies That Illustrate the Promise of Apprenticeship in the United States