Provides step-by-step instructions aimed at guiding companies in their support, training, and employment of disconnected youth.
With over six million young American disconnected from either work or school, the authors of this toolkit believe there is an opportunity for businesses to help guide disconnected youth towards a brighter future. This toolkit was “created for companies with some experience in nonprofit engagement or community involvement,” and provides tools that can be “leveraged to support all young people, not just disconnected youth” (p.4).
(Abstractor: Author and Website Staff)

Major Findings & Recommendations

“This toolkit takes users through four key stages to identify and define a program to provide disconnected youth with skills for employment and adulthood. During the first stage, employers take an assessment which will guide them to select one of three ‘lanes of engagement’ ... The second stage takes employers through an exercise to define the scope of their company’s work with disconnected youth. The third stage guides users through a plan to build their company’s pilot program. The fourth stage sets employers up for ongoing program development and refinement so that they can transition their pilot to an ongoing program that delivers measurable value to the business and to participating youth” (p.5). (Abstractor: Author)