Describes the 9-14 Pathways Employer model and provides tools to assist the implementation of employer partnerships with high schools.

“The Guide to Becoming a 9-14 Pathways Employer is for employers interested in partnering with high schools that have 9-14 pathways, a model in which students earn a high school diploma and an associate’s degree while gaining valuable industry experience. The purpose of the Guide is to provide employers with all the tools and information needed to partner with these schools in order to provide young professionals with high-quality, work-based learning experiences (experiences that happen in the classroom and in the workplace)” (p.2).

(Abstractor: Author)

Major Findings & Recommendations

“Section 1: The Model In this section you will learn more about the 9-14 model. The goal of a 9-14 pathway is for all students within it to complete a high school diploma and an associate’s degree on an accelerated schedule as well as gain valuable work experience that will make students more competitive and career ready upon graduation. This section addresses the benefits of this partnership, and the professional experiences organizations can offer” (p.2). “Section 2: The Students The students enrolled in 9-14 pathways are a diverse group of young people who share a common thread. In this section you will learn what makes them a unique group as well as how they are learning work-based skills and ethics that will help them meet the increased demand of 21st century careers” (p.2). “Section 3: The Employer A foundational element of a 9-14 model is work-based learning. Work-based learning ensures that students have the skills necessary to be career ready upon graduation. Key to work-based learning is successful partnership with employers. Employers must understand what is expected of them, and how partnering with 9-14 schools will benefit them in the short term and in the long run” (p.3). (Abstractor: Author)