Presents student engagement and achievement outcomes from school districts participating in an initiative aimed at transforming education in California.

“[T]his report offers updated findings on student engagement and achievement outcomes from the nine districts participating in the [California Linked Learning District] initiative. Additionally, for the first time, our report takes an in-depth look at the issue of student equity and access to pathways through an analysis of student enrollment patterns across pathway career themes and of pathway retention among student subgroup populations. Finally, it assesses pathway students’ experiences with academic and technical curricula and work-based learning, their perceptions of the skills they are gaining as a result of their pathway experiences, and their plans for the future.

Lessons from the experiences of the nine initiative districts are highly instructive for those that are just beginning to engage with or scale up Linked Learning. As context for understanding students’ experiences in pathways and their outcomes, this report provides an update on the nine districts’ efforts to develop and improve systems and structures to support Linked Learning and their initial plans to use new funding sources and regional partnerships to sustain Linked Learning” (p.v).

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