Delineates best practices for utilizing workforce information in the planning process for statewide and regional degree programs.

The goal of this report is to explore “Texas’s future workforce needs that would help inform decisions to develop or expand postsecondary education programs” by way of:

  • “Describe[ing] current practices in using workforce information for degree program planning in Texas and elsewhere;
  • Analyz[ing] options for using workforce information and recommend[ing] promising practices;
  • Develop[ing] data tools, where feasible; and
  • Apply[ing] these tools and describe findings” (p.3).

Using data resources already in existence, this report can help educators and policymakers achieve “at least three major purposes: (1) strategic review of program alignment at the state or institutional level; (2) a broader strategic scan of occupations and fields of study where new programs may be needed; and (3) institutional proposal development for the opening and closing of programs, and the subsequent review of these proposals by the state” (p.3).

(Abstractor: Author and Website Staff)