Discusses evidence-based and emerging strategies for implementing key WIOA provisions pertaining to out-of-school youth.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) “aims to improve the public workforce system by promoting the use of evidence-based practices and demand-driven strategies to meet the needs of job seekers, workers, and employers in our economy. Many aspects of the legislation were informed by research and evaluations, and it is important that their implementation continue to be informed by current and future research. The evaluation literature shows that what works for adults does not always work for youth, and what has worked for one group of young people may not necessarily work for others.” (p.8)

This report draws upon available research and the MDRC staff’s on-the-ground experience to summarize existing knowledge that can guide implementation of key WIOA provisions on serving out-of-school youth. It is organized in four sections: The first two sections focus on strategies for reaching and engaging a greater number of out-of-school youth, especially those who are most vulnerable; the third section reviews evidence on career pathway programs; and the final section discusses strategies for engaging private sector employers in job-related initiatives for youth” (p.1).

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