Discusses the policies and operations of a tri-county education and employment support program aimed at improving outcomes for disconnected youth.

This report examines the implementation of the Linking Innovation, Knowledge, and Employment (“@LIKE”) program, a tri-county effort to improve the educational and employment outcomes of disconnected youth in Riverside, San Bernadino, and Imperial Counties in Southern California. As a Workforce Innovation Fund project, @LIKE had the primary goals “1) To help participants achieve educational and employment goals. 2) To create a network through which the three consortium counties can collaborate to better serve this hard-to-reach population. 3) To develop a service delivery model that can be replicated in other areas and used to improve the lives of other disconnected young adults throughout California and the United States” (p.1).

“This report comprehensively documents the @LIKE program operations, policies, and processes across the tri-county service area in Southern California. Additionally, it identifies lessons learned and best practices at the 2-year point of the program. The report is informed primarily by in-depth site visits to each of the three participating counties, which were completed in October 2014” (p.4).

“In documenting each component of the @LIKE program in detail, this report may also serve as a user’s guide for successfully implementing similar programs in other areas. The descriptions of the most effective and best practices observed at one or more of the nine individual service delivery sites are reported here and should serve as a valuable resource to institutions and workforce investment areas interested in serving disconnected young adults. In this way, the report will help inform the implementation and program delivery models of future efforts to provide effective services to disconnected young adults through the public workforce system” (p.4).

(Abstractor: Author and Website Staff)