Detailed how-to guide designed to provide guidance for employer-led initiatives to improve talent flows with the goal of increasing regional and employer competitiveness.

“The purpose of this guide is to explore an employer-driven approach to talent flow analysis (TFA) that can be used by regional public-private economic and workforce development initiatives to improve talent flows for critical jobs in key sectors (e.g., manufacturing, health care). TFA is a process for describing and analyzing the flow of workers into and out of a targeted set of jobs that are most critical for the competitiveness of employers and the region in which they do business.

The first section of this guide explores the need for an employer-driven approach to TFA. The second section defines the employer-driven approach, its principles, and its limitations. The third section describes the four “how to” steps, including how employer-led regional partnerships begin this process and then advance to adoption of more complex features as needs and opportunities arise. The final section suggests next steps in exploring and pilot-testing this approach in states and regions” (p.3).

(Abstractor: Author)