Construction Industry Workforce Shortages: Role of Certification, Training and Green Jobs…

Author(s): Bernstein, Harvey M.; Russo, Michele A.; Laquidara-Carr, Donna; Fitch, Enver; Taylor, William et al.

Organizational Author(s): McGraw-Hill Construction

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Provides detailed information on the skills gap in construction industry including green construction skills and provides recommendations for employers to help close the skills gap.


“This report provides a portrait of an industry in flux and explores the market forces driving the need for workers, the potential shortages anticipated and already being felt, the skill gaps, and the current sources of training used to prepare workers. It reveals how training and certification can help address these concerns, and it explores these issues through the lens of green projects and green jobs. Finally, it provides an important measure of green jobs in the construction industry, the first to be calculated based on the feedback of the workers in the industry rather than on the number of green projects” (p.8).

“This is a pivotal time in the design and construction industry. Several factors are impacting the industry at once, creating uncertainty about how well prepared the future workforce and pipeline of new workers will be to deal with the changes emerging. The recession that started in 2008 has had profound implications for the design and construction workforce. Not only has its impact been pronounced and prolonged in the construction industry, but it has also been widely publicized, leading potential future workers to question the viability and stability of a career in this industry. The loss of jobs in the industry may have also masked larger workforce issues, such as attracting and training the next generation, that could increase in importance as the recovery takes hold” (p.8).

“new skills and knowledge are required for individuals in the industry to succeed. This report’s findings  show that the green jobs resulting from the rise of green  project activity do require new training, even if some  are extensions of more traditional jobs. Transformative industry trends, such as greater collaboration, integrated project delivery and BIM, require workers to draw upon  different skills than traditional positions do. The increasing need in construction for greater productivity is likely to drive more rapid adoption of these trends, which will require a different way of looking at the skills a worker has to offer” (p.8).

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 Full Publication Title: Construction Industry Workforce Shortages: Role of Certification, Training and Green Jobs in Filling the Gaps

Major Findings & Recommendations

Industry Wide Recommendations –

• “Take green seriously” (p.7).
• “Find ways to connect to the next generation” (p.7).
• “Encourage Certification among employees” (p.7).

Industry Wide Recommendations – A/E General Contractors
• “Encourage experienced employees to stay in the industry” (p.7).
• “Attract new employees” (p.7).

Industry Wide Recommendations – Specialty Trade Contractors
• “Emphasize your reputations for safety” (p.7).
• “Focus on technology and green to engage the next generation” (p.7).

Industry Professionals recommendations – A/E General Contractors
• “Increase skills that relate to emerging trends: Green, Collaboration and BIM” (p.7).
• “Emphasize project management skills and construction knowledge over specialization” (p.7).

Industry Professionals recommendations – Specialty Trade Contractors
• “Focus on specialized knowledge and jobsite skills” (p.7).

Industry Training Recommendations –
• “More green training” (p.7).
• “More skills that promote collaboration and use of new technologies” (p.7).
• “Offer more on-the-job experience” (p.7).

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