Presents a compilation of resources related to Worker Profiling and Reemployment Services (WPRS) Systems, which are designed to speed dislocated workers’ return to employment, including research findings, legislation, legislative interpretation, Unemployment Insurance (UI) program letters, field memoranda, and Unemployment Insurance Services (UIS) information bulletins pertinent to WPRS.
“This paper contains: Federal legislative language on [worker] profiling; a variety of public releases by the U.S. Department of Labor to interpret the legislation, support and provide technical assistance to the States in their implementation of the legislative provisions; and research relating to worker profiling and the provision of reemployment services” (title page).

“A Worker Profiling and Reemployment Services System…is an early intervention approach for providing dislocated workers with reemployment services to help speed their return to productive employment. It consists of two components: a profiling mechanism and a set of reemployment services” (p.3). Profiling is “used to identify unemployment insurance (UI) claimants who are likely to exhaust their UI benefits and will need re-employment services…” (p.3). “Experienced unemployed workers receive UI benefits and are required to search for work until they can return to jobs similar to those they previously had” (p.3). However, competition and evolving technology have created millions of dislocated workers who will likely never again be employed in the jobs in which they previously worked.

Legislation “enacted on March 4, 1993, called for the Secretary of Labor to establish a worker profiling program” that was optional for states (p.5). This legislation was superseded by new legislation enacted on November 24, 1993 “which require[d] the State Agency charged with administration of the State unemployment compensation law to establish and utilize a system of profiling all new claimants for regular compensation” (p.5).

The remainder of the report contains information about interpreting the legislation and guidance on implementing worker profiling programs.
Full publication title: The Worker Profiling and Reemployment Services System: Legislation, Implementation Process and Research Findings

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