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Sample MOU and Infrastructure Costs Toolkit

Author(s): Campbell, Lekesha; Castaneda, Chanel; Galloway, Deborah; Harris, Charlotte; McManus, Craig, et al.

Organizational Author(s): U.S. Dept of Labor; U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services; and U.S. Dept of Education

Funding Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration

Resource Availability: Publicly available

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Provides a toolkit local areas may use to manage American Job Center budgets and cost allocations in line with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and federal guidelines; the toolkit includes a sample Memorandum of Understanding and cost allocation and partner contributions models.


“The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) sec. 121(c)(1) requires the Local Board, with the agreement of the Chief Elected Official (CEO), to develop and enter into [a Memorandum of Understanding] (MOU) between the Local Board and the One-Stop Partners…concerning the operation of the one-stop delivery system in a local area” (website). As such, resources have been developed to assist in this effort.

The “Sample [MOU] and accompanying Cost Allocation Analyses for hypothetical local areas may be used as a reference guide or toolkit when developing…[an] MOU, including [a] one-stop operating budget, Infrastructure Funding Agreement (IFA), and cost allocation methodologies, pursuant to the requirements of section 121 of WIOA, its implementing regulations at 20 CFR part 678 and 34 CFR parts 361 and 463, and the relevant guidance” (website).

The sample MOU and infrastructure cost toolkit includes:

  • A sample MOU document from 2017
  • Three sample cost allocation and partner contributions analyses
  • A sample cost allocation and partner contributions total document
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Major Findings & Recommendations

The toolkit contains a “[s]ample MOU that includes actual portions of local MOUs and Infrastructure Funding Agreements (IFAs) that have been developed thus far. It is important to note that the local information contained in this sample MOU and cost allocation analyses is hypothetical and should be adapted to meet the particular circumstances in…[the] local area. Use of the local hypothetical language in this document does not ensure compliance with WIOA and cannot substitute for developing these documents based on careful review of WIOA, its implementing regulations and guidance, and local conditions.

This sample MOU and cost allocation analyses should not replace the local negotiations that should occur or supplant any State laws that apply in any particular State. States and local areas are not required to develop an MOU that uses the same format of this sample because there are many other ways to develop a MOU” (website).

(Abstractor: Author)

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