Resources that contain employer engagement strategies are some of the many found in the Workforce System Strategies (WSS) Community Resources library. To help community members link to the related resources, this fact sheet describes how WSS members can use the search filters to access research and evaluation reports, tools and guides, and other resources. WSS resources about employer engagement can help workforce system stakeholders learn about proven and promising practices and strategies.

Major Findings & Recommendations

The fact sheet highlights how community members can search and filter by:

  • Business Services to find almost 200 resources with strategies for employer engagement, sector strategies, small business development and others; and
  • Job Placement Reemployment to find more than 300 resources with strategies for job advancement, job clubs, job development, job sharing, labor exchange, re-employment and others.

Three employer engagement resources included in the fact sheet also highlight employer engagement for technology apprenticeship programs, employer insights on how to build and maintain strong employer-college partnerships, and the goals and dimensions of employer engagement in workforce development programs.