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Provides an interactive online catalog of U.S. administrative data sets and how to access them for research purposes, with a focus on non-publicly available data.


“Administrative data are information collected, used, and stored primarily for administrative (i.e., operational), rather than research, purposes. These data can be [a]…source of information for use in research and impact evaluation. Specific requirements and processes for obtaining data vary by data source. To assist researchers in screening potential data sources, [the author] has cataloged a number of key US data sets. The catalog documents procedures on how to access data based on information provided by the originating agencies.” (website)

This online catalog includes information of administrative data sources in the following sectors: crime, violence and conflict; education; finance; health, labor markets, and political economy and governance.


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Major Findings & Recommendations

This searchable catalog provides the following information for each data set:

• Links to outside data sources;
• Unit of observation;
• Whether the data set has Personally Identifiable Information for linking;
• Geography;
• Years available;
• Whether it is free;
• Frequency of updates;
• Universe;
• A brief overview on how to access the database, including timeline and lag time;
• Cost;
• Linking, such as the identifiers available for linking;
• Data contents, including a partial list of variables; and
• Links to other related content.

(Abstractor: Website Staff)

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