Identifies a vision, strategic goals, and benchmarks for Maryland’s Workforce System as outlined in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act State Plan to be used as a leadership tool guiding strategic conversations about service delivery at the system level.

“[T]his document sets forth a…vision, goals, and measureable achievements that help define success and lay the core foundation of [Maryland’s workforce] system. In keeping with Maryland’s commitment to place ‘people before performance,’ these goals and corresponding benchmarks are focused around a central vision of increasing the earning capacity of Marylanders by maximizing access to employment, skills and credentialing, life management skills, and supportive services.


These goals and benchmarks…provide a way of thinking systematically about how [the state] deliver[s] services....The 5 strategic goals and coinciding benchmarks…are meant to be used as a leadership tool, guiding strategic conversations and defining a set of achievements for the workforce system to commit to and strive toward…” (p.1).


(Abstractor: Author and Website Staff)